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Project 57 Air Monitoring Report: January 1 through December 31, 2017 科技报告
报告编号: 1484365. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Mizell, Steve A.;  Nikolich, George;  Healey, John M.;  Shadel, Craig;  McCurdy, Greg;  Miller, Julianne J.
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Tonopah Test Range Air Monitoring: CY2017 Meteorological, Radiological, and Wind Transported Particulate Observations 科技报告
报告编号: 1482208. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Chapman, Jenny;  Nikolich, George;  Shadel, Craig;  McCurdy, Greg;  Etyemezian, Vicken;  Miller, Julianne J.;  Mizell, Steve
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Synthesis of Post-fire Monitoring Activities in the Great Basin Desert, Mojave Desert, and Transition Zones 科技报告
报告编号: 1480331. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Clifford, Michael;  Etyemezian, Vicken;  Chen, Li;  Nikolich, George
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A Section 106 Evaluation of the Mercury Bowling Alley, Area 23, Nevada National Security Site, Nye County, Nevada, with Photographic Documentation Addendums 科技报告
报告编号: 1482738. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Reno, Ron;  King, Maureen;  Collins, Cheryl
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Unreviewed Disposal Question Evaluation: Impact of Delayed Revegetation of Closure Covers at the Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Site, Nevada National Security Site, Nye County, Nevada 科技报告
报告编号: 1462008. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Shott, Gregory J.;  Reed, Dawn N.
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Two Exercises in Supersymmetry: A Low-Energy Supergravity Model and Free String Field Theory 科技报告
报告编号: 1454020. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Preitschopf, Christian Richard
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Monitoring Potential Transport of Radioactive Contaminants in Shallow Ephemeral Channels: FY2017 科技报告
报告编号: 1432358. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Mizell, Steve A.;  Campbell, Scott A.;  McCurdy, Greg;  Miller, Julianne J.
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NNSS Soils Monitoring: Plutonium Valley (CAU 366) FY2017 科技报告
报告编号: 1438195. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Nikolich, George;  Mizell, Steve A.;  McCurdy, Greg;  Campbell, Scott A.;  Miller, Julianne J.
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New Strategy Needed: Changing the Calculus in the Fight Against Boko Haram. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1062011. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Whittle, G. T.
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United states africa command  Terrorism  Geography  Regional security  Petroleum  National security  Task forces  Security  Military operations  Governments  Ethnic groups  West africa  Terrorists  Societies  International relations  Counte  
Tonopah Test Range Optical Tracking TSPI Uncertainty Qualification Analysis. 科技报告
报告编号: 1459100. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Williams, Tommy Jay
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Integrating Magnetotellurics, Soil Gas Geochemistry and Structural Analysis to Identify Hidden, High Enthalpy, Extensional Geothermal Systems 科技报告
报告编号: 1457571. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Wannamaker, Philip E.;  Faulds, James E.;  Kennedy, Burton Mack
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Soitec 1MW Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Demonstration Projects for On-Site Distributed Power Generation. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1053670. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Rowe, P.
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Solar cells  Solar energy  Energy production  Photovoltaic effect  Electric power distribution  Renewable energy  Reliability  Cost effectiveness  Deserts  Sunlight  Energy security  Power supplies  Soitec 1mw  Concentrated photovoltaic  Dis  
Air Power Lessons Learned in Operation Desert Storm. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1062048. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Eno, B. D.
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Air power  Lessons learned  War  Persian gulf war  
Operational Contract Support: Where We Are and Where We Go From Here. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1055033. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Meyer, L. M.
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Contractors  Military personnel  Humanitarian assistance  Military acquisition  Military training  Department of defense  Education  Logistics  Military doctrine  United states central command  Personnel management  Operational contract support  
NNSS Soils Monitoring: Plutonium Valley (CAU 366) FY2016 科技报告
报告编号: 1404699. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Nikolich, George;  Mizell, Steve;  McCurdy, Greg;  Campbell, Scott;  Miller, Julianne J.
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Monitoring Potential Transport of Radioactive Contaminants in Shallow Ephemeral Channels: FY2015 and FY2016 科技报告
报告编号: 1404703. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Mizell, Steve A;  Miller, Julianne J;  McCurdy, Greg;  Campbell, Scott A
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Ecological Monitoring and Compliance Program 2016 Report 科技报告
报告编号: 1411790. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Hall, Derek;  Perry, Jeanette;  Ostler, W. Kent
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Data measured on water collected from eastern Mojave Desert, California 科技报告
报告编号: 1389983. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Rose, Tim P.
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Carbon cycle dynamics within Oregon’s urban-suburban-forested-agricultural landscapes 科技报告
报告编号: 1363940. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Law, Beverly E.;  Still, Christopher Jason;  Schmidt, Andres
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Monitoring Potential Transport of Radioactive Contaminants in Shallow Ephemeral Channels: FY2013 and FY2014 (revised) 科技报告
报告编号: 1362130. 出版年: 2017
Creator:  Mizell, Steve A.;  Miller, Julianne J.;  McCurdy, Greg D.;  Campbell, Scott A.
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