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Operational Contract Support: Where We Are and Where We Go From Here. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1055033. 出版年: 2018
Creator:  Meyer, L. M.
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Contractors  Military personnel  Humanitarian assistance  Military acquisition  Military training  Department of defense  Education  Logistics  Military doctrine  United states central command  Personnel management  Operational contract support  
Building the Future Air Force: Analysis of Platform versus Weapon Development. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1021962. 出版年: 2016
Creator:  Ellis, R. W.
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Korean war  Vietnam war  Air force  Military forces (united states)  Air power  Measures of effectiveness  Persian gulf war  Military history  Policies  Security  Survivability  Payload  Precision  Yield  Military aviation  Bomber aircraft  
Sustainability Logistics Basing Science and Technology Objective. Demonstration #1 - 1000 Person Camp Demo. 科技报告
报告编号: AD1022335. 出版年: 2016
Creator:  Gildea, G. S;  Carpenter, P. D;  Campbell, B. J;  Harris, W. I. F;  Krutsch, M. C;  Kern, G;  Miletti, J. A.
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Fuels  Data acquisition  Waste management  Solid wastes  Water management  Environmental management  Energy consumption  Waste water  Military facilities  Monitoring  Simulations  Savings  Data collection  Contingency bases  Reduced footprin  
An investigation of land grabbing amidst resettlement in post-conflict Amuru District, Northern Uganda 学位论文
学位授予机构: University of the Western Cape. 出版年: 2014
Creator:  Serwajja;Eria
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Conflict  Land grabbing  Land  Resettlement  Uganda  
Multi-region capacity planning model with contracts of varying duration under uncertainty : a satellite capacity acquisition case study Satellite capacity acquisition case study 学位论文
学位授予机构: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 出版年: 2014
Creator:  Lydiard;  John M.;  IV
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Engineering Systems Division.  
Analysis of the First Fifteen Years of the Department of Defense Framework for Unmanned Ground Systems. 科技报告
报告编号: ADA620811. 出版年: 2014
Creator:  McMillian, S. I;  McPhee, J. G.
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Ground vehicles  Military planning  Robotics  Unmanned  Acquisition  Costs  Improvised explosive devices  Military budgets  Military history  Military procurement  Unexploded ammunition  
越野汽车差速锁止机构自动控制系统设计实现 学位论文
学位授予机构: 中国科学院大学. 出版年: 2014
Creator:  刘金华
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Key words: VDLS  Control Strategy  ECU  Embedded Systems  
Global Military Operating Environments (GMOE) Phase I: Linking Natural Environments, International Security, and Military Operations. 科技报告
报告编号: ADA605842. 出版年: 2013
Creator:  McDonald, E;  Caldwell, T;  Mihevc, T;  Baker, S;  Bacon, S.
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Military operations  Climate  Data acquisition  Deserts  Improvised explosive devices  Remote detection  Soils  Terrain  Test methods  Environmental characterization  Terrain analysis  Soil hydrology  Pedology  Remote sensing  Lidar  Ied de  
A Strategy for Prioritizing Threats and Recovery Actions for At-Risk Species 期刊论文
发表期刊: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT. 出版年: 2013, 卷号: 51, 期号: 3, 页码: 786-800
Creator:  Darst, Catherine R.;  Murphy, Philip J.;  Strout, Nathan W.;  Campbell, Steven P.;  Field, Kimberleigh J.;  Allison, Linda;  Averill-Murray, Roy C.
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Threats assessment  Conservation planning  Species recovery  Endangered species  Adaptive management  Mojave desert tortoise  
On the hunt for willing sellers : the U.S. Army's land acquisition process 学位论文
出版年: 2010
Creator:  Fitzsimmons;Michael James
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Army  Condemnation  Eminent domain  Land acquisition