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Community structure of dasyurid marsupials in the arid Pilbara is consistent with a top-down system, their distribution and abundance depend on that of larger members of the guild 期刊论文
发表期刊: JOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS. 出版年: 2022, 卷号: 198
Creator:  Hernandez-Santin, Lorna;  Fisher, Diana O.
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Habitat associations  Activity periods  Species overlap  Community structure  Top-down pressures  
Neo-sex chromosome evolution and phenotypic differentiation across an elevational gradient in horned larks (Eremophila alpestris) 期刊论文
发表期刊: MOLECULAR ECOLOGY. 出版年: 2022, 卷号: 31, 期号: 6, 页码: 1783-1799
Creator:  Shakya, Subir B.;  Wang-Claypool, Cynthia Y.;  Cicero, Carla;  Bowie, Rauri C. K.;  Mason, Nicholas A.
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Alaudidae  chromosomal inversion  elevation  genome architecture  landscape genomics  neo-sex chromosomes  Sierra Nevada  structural variation  
Contrasting effects of local environment and grazing pressure on the genetic diversity and structure of Artemisia frigida 期刊论文
Creator:  Oyundelger, Khurelpurev;  Herklotz, Veit;  Harpke, Doerte;  Oyuntsetseg, Batlai;  Wesche, Karsten;  Ritz, Christiane M.
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Artemisia frigida  Microsatellites  Population genetics  Mongolian rangeland  
Population genetic structure and evolutionary history of Psammochloa villosa (Trin.) Bor (Poaceae) revealed by AFLP marker 期刊论文
发表期刊: ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 11, 期号: 15, 页码: 10258-10276
Creator:  Lv, Ting;  Harris, A. J.;  Liu, Yuping;  Liu, Tao;  Liang, Ruifang;  Ma, Zilan;  Su, Xu
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desert grasslands  ecological niche modeling  Inner Mongolian Plateau  population genetics  SAMOVA  
The effects of climate and demographic history in shaping genomic variation across populations of the Desert Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma platyrhinos) 期刊论文
发表期刊: MOLECULAR ECOLOGY. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 30, 期号: 18, 页码: 4481-4496
Creator:  Farleigh, Keaka;  Vladimirova, Sarah A.;  Blair, Christopher;  Bracken, Jason T.;  Koochekian, Nazila;  Schield, Drew R.;  Card, Daren C.;  Finger, Nicholas;  Henault, Jonathan;  Leache, Adam D.;  Castoe, Todd A.;  Jezkova, Tereza
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Bayesian phylogenetics and phylogeography  climate adaptation  founder effects  genotype-environment association analysis  population expansion  RADseq  
Temporal, spatial and gender-based dietary differences in middle period San Pedro de Atacama, Chile: A model-based approach 期刊论文
发表期刊: PLOS ONE. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 16, 期号: 5
Creator:  Pestle, William J.;  Hubbe, Mark;  Torres-Rouff, Christina;  Pimentel, Gonzalo
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Soil development and spatial differentiation in a glacial river valley under cold and extremely arid climate of East Pamir Mountains 期刊论文
发表期刊: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 758
Creator:  Kabala, Cezary;  Chachulski, Lukasz;  Gadek, Bogdan;  Korabiewski, Bartosz;  Metrak, Monika;  Suska-Malawska, Malgorzata
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Glacier melting  Soil transformation  Mountain soils  Soil organic carbon  
Spatial genetic patterns of the medicinal and edible shrub Lycium ruthenicum (Solanaceae) in arid Xinjiang, China 期刊论文
发表期刊: TREE GENETICS & GENOMES. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 17, 期号: 2
Creator:  Wang, ChunCheng;  Ma, SongMei;  Sun, FangFang;  Wei, Bo;  Nie, YingBin
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Lycium ruthenicum  Allopatric divergence  Refugia  Demographic history  Xinjiang  
Faunal mediated carbon export from mangroves in an arid area 期刊论文
发表期刊: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 755
Creator:  Walton, M. E. M.;  Al-Maslamani, I;  Chatting, M.;  Smyth, D.;  Castillo, A.;  Skov, M. W.;  Le Vay, L.
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Trophic relay  Mangrove  Carbon budget  Outwelling hypothesis  Mangrove litter  Carbon flux  Fish  Food webs  
Water and soil environmental vulnerability of artificial oases in arid areas and its temporal and spatial differentiation and evolution 期刊论文
发表期刊: WATER SUPPLY. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 21, 期号: 6, 页码: 2646-2664
Creator:  Xu, Cundong;  Liu, Zijin;  Zhu, Xinglin;  Tian, Junjiao;  Gu, Fengyou;  Wang, Yan
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cloud theory  Jingdian Irrigation District  remote sensing  vulnerability  water and soil environment