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Zootherapy as traditional therapeutic strategy in the Cholistan desert of Bahawalpur-Pakistan 期刊论文
Creator:  Ahmad, Saeed;  Akram, Muhammad;  Riaz, Muhammad;  Munir, Naveed;  Tahir, Imtiaz Mahmood;  Anwar, Hina;  Zahid, Rabia;  Daniyal, Muhammad;  Jabeen, Faiza;  Ashraf, Ejaz;  Sarwar, Ghulam;  Rasool, Ghulam;  Shah, Syed Muhammad Ali
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bioactive constituents  Cholistan  faunistic resources  folk medicine  medicinal animal  Pakistan  
Origin and population structure of Brazilian hair sheep breeds 期刊论文
发表期刊: ANIMAL GENETICS. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 52, 期号: 4, 页码: 492-504
Creator:  Paim, T. P.;  Paiva, S. R.;  de Toledo, N. M.;  Yamaghishi, M. B.;  Carneiro, P. L. S.;  Faco, O.;  de Araujo, A. M.;  Azevedo, H. C.;  Caetano, A. R.;  Braga, R. M.;  McManus, C.
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animal genetic resources  conservation genetics  genomics  migration  molecular markers  Ovis aries  
Comparative Functional Genomics (CFG) Core 项目
项目编号: 5P20GM104318-08. 资助机构: US-NIH(美国国立卫生研究院). 起止日期: 2019-
Project Leaders:  GRABER, JOEL H
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Aging  Animal Model  Applications Grants  Automation  base  Biological  Biology  Biomedical Research  Cells  Centers of Research Excellence  chemotherapy  Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy  Clinic  Collaborations  Collection  Communities  comparative  Comparative Biology  Computer Analysis  computerized tools  Consultations  Data  Data Analyses  Data Collection  data management  Data Set  data sharing  Databases  design  Development  Education  Educational Materials  Ensure  Epigenetic Process  experience  experimental analysis  Experimental Designs  Faculty  Feedback  Fees  functional genomics  Funding  Generations  Genetic Variation  genome analysis  genome-wide  genomic data  Genomics  Goals  Human Resources  improved  innovation  interoperability  Joints  Lead  Legal patent  Mammals  Medicine  member  MicroRNAs  Modeling  multiple data types  Natural regeneration  novel  Organism  Output  Paper  Patients  Phase  phosphoproteomics  Play  Procedures  Process  programs  Proteomics  Publications  Quality Control  regenerative  Reproducibility  Research  Research Project Grants  Research Support  Resources  RNA  Role  Scientist  Services  small molecule  Software Engineering  Standardization  Students  success  System  Systems Biology  Testing  theories  tissue regeneration  tissue repair  tool  Training  Training Programs  transcriptomics  Untranslated RNA  Update  Whole Organism  Yeasts  
Comparative Animal Models (CAM) Core 项目
项目编号: 5P20GM104318-08. 资助机构: US-NIH(美国国立卫生研究院). 起止日期: 2019-
Project Leaders:  YIN, VIRAVUTH P
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Aging  Animal Husbandry  Animal Model  animal resource  Animals  base  Behavioral  Biological  Biological Models  Biological Process  Biological Sciences  Biology  Caenorhabditis elegans  Cell Line  Centers of Research Excellence  comparative  Comparative Biology  Comparative Study  cost  Cryopreservation  Development  Disease  Drosophila genus  Embryo  Ensure  experimental study  Faculty  Fees  Fees and Charges  Foundations  Funding  Gene Transfer Techniques  Genetic Services  Genotype  Goals  Grant  Heart  Human  human disease  human tissue  Infrastructure  Injury  innovation  insight  International  Invertebrates  Kidney  Knowledge  Laboratories  laboratory curriculum  Lead  Legal patent  Limb structure  Maintenance  Medical  Medicine  member  Methods  Microinjections  Molecular  Mus  Natural regeneration  Organ  Oryziinae  Paper  Patients  Phase  Process  programs  Protocols documentation  Publications  Quarantine  recruit  regenerative  Regenerative Medicine  repaired  Research  research and development  Research Personnel  Research Project Grants  Research Support  Resources  Salamander  Scientist  Services  small molecule  Speed  Spinal Cord  Structure  success  Tissue Harvesting  tissue repair  Tissues  Training Programs  Transgenic Organisms  Translating  Vertebrates  Visit  Visual  Zebrafish  
发表期刊: JOURNAL OF CAMEL PRACTICE AND RESEARCH. 出版年: 2017, 卷号: 24, 期号: 1, 页码: 1-7
Creator:  Wilson, R. Trevor
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Animal diseases  feed resources  introductions  livestock ownership  livestock products  
Single marker assisted selection in Brazilian Morada Nova hair sheep community-based breeding program 期刊论文
发表期刊: SMALL RUMINANT RESEARCH. 出版年: 2016, 卷号: 139, 页码: 15-19
Creator:  Lacerda, Thaisa Sant’Anna;  Caetano, Alexandre Rodrigues;  Faco, Olivardo;  de Faria, Danielle Assis;  McManus, Concepta M.;  Lobo, Raimundo Nonato;  Silva, Kleibe de Moraes;  Paiva, Samuel Rezende
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Animal genetic resources  GDF9  Ovis aries  Performance test  Morada nova sheep  
Challenges in Life Cycle Assessment: An Overview of Current Gaps and Research Needs 专著
: Springer Netherlands, 2014
Creator:  Matthias Finkbeiner;  Robert Ackermann;  Vanessa Bach;  Markus Berger;  Gerhard Brankatschk;  Ya-Ju Chang;  Marina Grinberg;  Annekatrin Lehmann;  Julia Martínez-Blanco;  Nikolay Minkov;  Sabrina Neugebauer;  René Scheumann;  Laura Schneider;  Kirana Wolf
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Abiotic resources  Allocation  Animal well-being  Biodiversity  Biogenic carbon  Biological invasion  Biotic resources  Soil quality  Consequential LCA  Data quality analysis  Decision making  Delayed emissions  Desertification  Ecosystems  Ecotoxicity  Effects of chemicals  Functional unit  Human h...  
Rainfed Areas and Animal Agriculture in Asia: The Wanting Agenda for Transforming Productivity Growth and Rural Poverty 期刊论文
发表期刊: ASIAN-AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCES. 出版年: 2012, 卷号: 25, 期号: 1, 页码: 122-142
Creator:  Devendra, C.
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Rainfed  Less favoured areas  Animal Agriculture  Diversification  Food Security  Feed Resources  Technology Application  Systems Perspectives  Farming Systems Research  Dryland Agriculture  Sustainability  Integration  Policy  Strategies  Impacts  Investments in R and D  
近代西北地区农牧业开发对土地资源的影响 期刊论文
出版年: 2007, 卷号: 24, 期号: 6, 页码: 875-879
Creator:  阚耀平;  樊如森
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development of agriculture and animal husbandry  land resources  northwest China  animal product  
Impact assessment of the adoption of cactus pear in alley cropping in livestock-cereal systems in arid and Semiarid Tunisia. The case of Zoghmar, central Tunisia 会议论文
会议名称: 5th International Congress on Cactus Pear and Cochineal. 会议地点: Chapingo, MEXICO. 会议日期: AUG 02-07, 2004
Creator:  Alary, V.;  Nefzaoui, A.;  Ben Salem, H.;  Chouki, S.
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opuntia  animal feed  economic impact  natural resources