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Modeling and analyzing supply-demand relationships of water resources in Xinjiang from a perspective of ecosystem services 期刊论文
发表期刊: JOURNAL OF ARID LAND. 出版年: 2022
Creator:  Li Feng;  Li Yaoming;  Zhou Xuewen;  Yin Zun;  Liu Tie;  Xin Qinchuan
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ecosystem services  water resources  climate change  human activities  arid and semi-arid areas  InVEST model  Xinjiang  
Snow and rainfall independently affect the density, composition and productivity of ephemerals in a temperate desert 期刊论文
发表期刊: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 出版年: 2022, 卷号: 807
Creator:  Fan, Lianlian;  Li, Yaoming;  Ma, Jie;  Mao, Jiefei;  Wang, Lei
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Biomass  Ephemeral  Gurbantunggut Desert  Rainfall  Snow cover  
An Enhanced MOD16 Evapotranspiration Model for the Tibetan Plateau During the Unfrozen Season 期刊论文
Creator:  Yuan, Ling;  Ma, Yaoming;  Chen, Xuelong;  Wang, Yuyang;  Li, Zhaoguo
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evapotranspiration  grassland  MOD16 model  soil surface resistance parameterization  Tibetan Plateau  
Temporal and Spatial Variations of Soil Moisture Over Xinjiang Based on Multiple GLDAS Datasets 期刊论文
发表期刊: FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 9
Creator:  Hu, Zengyun;  Chen, Xi;  Li, Yaoming;  Zhou, Qiming;  Yin, Gang
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linear trend  soil moisture  spatial and temporal variation  GLDAS product  Xinjiang  
青藏高原西部狮泉河陆面过程参数和土壤热属性参数研究 期刊论文
发表期刊: 高原气象. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 40, 期号: 4, 页码: 711-723
Creator:  赵兴炳;  刘长炜;  童兵;  李煜斌;  王琳琳;  马耀明;  高志球
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Qinghai-Xizang Plateau  Shiquanhe  surface roughness length  soil thermal parameters  
Host-Specific Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Two Caragana Species in Desert Grassland 期刊论文
发表期刊: JOURNAL OF FUNGI. 出版年: 2021, 卷号: 7, 期号: 12
Creator:  Guo, Xin;  Wang, Zhen;  Zhang, Jing;  Wang, Ping;  Li, Yaoming;  Ji, Baoming
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arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi  inoculum source  home advantage  Caragana  desert grassland  
Climate change in Central Asia:Sino-German cooperative research findings 期刊论文
发表期刊: Science Bulletin. 出版年: 2020, 卷号: 65, 期号: 9, 页码: 689-692
Creator:  Yu Yang;  Chen Xi;  Disse Markus;  Cyffka Bernd;  Lei Jiaqiang;  Zhang Haiyan;  Brieden Andreas;  Welp Martin;  Abuduwaili Jilili;  Li Yaoming;  Zeng Fanjiang;  Gui Dongwei;  Thevs Niels;  Ta Zhijie;  Gao Xin;  Pi Yuanyue;  Yu Xiang;  Sun Lingxiao;  Yu Ruide
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Holocene moisture variations in the Arid Central Asia: New evidence from the southern Altai Mountains of China 期刊论文
发表期刊: SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. 出版年: 2020, 卷号: 735
Creator:  Zhang, Dongliang;  Chen, Xi;  Li, Yaoming;  Ran, Min;  Yang, Yunpeng;  Zhang, Shengrui;  Feng, Zhaodong
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Holocene climate  Pollen  Siberian High  Altai Mountains  Arid Central Asia  
Temporal-spatial variability of modern climate in the Altai Mountains during 1970-2015 期刊论文
发表期刊: PLOS ONE. 出版年: 2020, 卷号: 15, 期号: 3
Creator:  Li, Yinbo;  Zhang, Dongliang;  Andreeva, Mariia;  Li, Yaoming;  Fan, Lianlian;  Tang, Min
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Analyses of observed features and future trend of extreme temperature events in Inner Mongolia of China 期刊论文
发表期刊: THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY. 出版年: 2020, 卷号: 139, 期号: 1-2, 页码: 577-597
Creator:  Meng, Chunchun;  Xu, Yinlong;  Li, Qiuyue;  Ma, Yaoming;  Feng, Qiang;  Ma, Weiqiang;  Pan, Jie;  Li, Kuo
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