Alternative TitleStudy on Surface Process Parameters and Soil Thermal Parameters at Shiquanhe in theWestern Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
赵兴炳; 刘长炜; 童兵; 李煜斌; 王琳琳; 马耀明; 高志球
Year Published2021
Abstract in Chinese青藏高原陆面过程对中国的天气和气候具有重要影响。高原西部因自然环境恶劣、近地层观测实验缺乏而难以精确确定陆面过程参数和土壤热属性等参数,陆面过程模型通常只能采用模型默认参数,给该地区陆面过程模拟结果带来了不确定性,也降低耦合了陆面过程模型的天气气候模式性能。本文利用2015年6月至2017年1月期间青藏高原西部狮泉河站的陆面过程观测资料,分析了该地区常规气象特征,估算了空气动力粗糙度、热力粗糙度、地表反照率、土壤热容量、土壤热传导率、土壤热扩散率和土壤水通量密度等重要参数。结果表明,狮泉河区域近地层以偏西风为主;气温、太阳辐射、比湿等的季节变化比较显著;干湿季分明,降水主要集中在69月。地表反照率受土壤湿度影响,存在微小的季节变化,平均为0.20,与沙漠和戈壁相当。空气动力粗糙度和零平面位移受各方位地物分布影响而存在差异,平均分别为5.58*10~(-2) m和0.44 m。不同热力粗糙度计算方案在该地区的性能存在较大差异;热传输附加阻尼及热力粗糙度受大气边界层层结状况影响,狮泉河大气边界层层结以不稳定为主,不稳定层结下热传输附加阻尼kB-1和热力粗糙度平均值分别为11.37和6.44*10~(-7) m。土壤热容量、热传导率、热扩散率和水通量密度年平均分别为0.95*10~6 J·m~(-3)·K~(-1)、0.24 W·m~(-1)·K~(-1)、2.73*10~(-7) m~2·s~(-1)和0.12*10~(-5) m·s~(-1),与塔克拉玛干沙漠和敦煌戈壁的观测结果比较一致。
Abstract in EnglishThe land surface processes of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau have important effects on regional and global weather and climate through its thermodynamic and mechanical forcing. Due to the harsh natural environment, the western Qinghai-Xizang Plateau lacks the land surface process parameters based on field measurements. Thus,the land surface process models usually use empirical or default parameters,which leads to great uncertainty in the simulation of this area and reduces the performance of weather and climate models coupled with land surface process models. With the data collected from June 2015 to January 2017 at Shiquanhe(32.50°N,80.08° E,4279.3 m above sea level)in the western Qinghai-Xizang Plateau,the conventional meteorological characteristics were analyzed and the land surface parameters,such as aerodynamic roughness,thermal roughness,surface albedo,and heat capacity,thermal conductivity,thermal diffusivity,and water flux density of soil,were estimated. Results show that(1)the wind speed was relatively low and the annual value was 2.17 m·s~(-1),and westerlies were dominant with the annual westerly wind frequency 59.2% and showed little season variation at Shiquanhe. The seasonal variation of air temperature,solar radiation and specific humidity were obvious. The difference between the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature could reach 47.1 K,and the maximum daily difference was 22.40 K. The average specific humidity was 2.6 g·kg~(-1),lower than in the easter or central Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. The monsoon could affect Shiquanhe area approximately in late May,and then brought most of the annual precipitation during June to September. The surface albedo was affected by soil moisture and had weak seasonal changes,with an average of 0.20,which is equivalent to deserts and Gobi.(2)The aerodynamic roughness and zero-plane displacement were affected by the distribution of ground features in directions, and the average were 5.58*10~(-2) m and 0.44 m,respectively. The thermodynamic roughness length or the excess resistance to heat transfer(kB-1)varied with the atmospheric stratification,and the atmospheric stratification of the boundary layer at Shiquanhe was mainly unstable. The performances of thermodynamic roughness parameterization schemes were different. Compared to other parameterization schemes the mean kB-1 calculated by the Z95 scheme agreed best with the value calculated with observation under unstable stratification.(3)The annual average soil heat capacity,thermal conductivity,thermal diffusivity,and water flux density were 0.95*10~6 J·m~(-3)·K~(-1),0.24 W·m~(-1)·K~(-1),2.73*10~(-7) m~2·s~(-1),0.12*10~(-5) m·s~(-1),respectively,which were relatively consistent with the observations in the desert and Gobi.
Keyword in Chinese青藏高原 ; 狮泉河 ; 地表粗糙度 ; 土壤热参数
Keyword in EnglishQinghai-Xizang Plateau Shiquanhe surface roughness length soil thermal parameters
Indexed ByCSCD
WOS SubjectMeteorology & Atmospheric Sciences
Document Type期刊论文
Affiliation赵兴炳, 南京信息工程大学应用气象学院;;中国气象局成都高原气象研究所, ;;, 南京;;成都, 江苏;;四川 210044;;610072, 中国.; 刘长炜, 南京信息工程大学应用气象学院, 南京, 江苏 210044, 中国.; 李煜斌, 南京信息工程大学应用气象学院, 南京, 江苏 210044, 中国.; 童兵, 中国气象科学研究院, 北京 100083, 中国.; 王琳琳, 中国科学院大气物理研究所, 大气边界层物理和大气化学国家重点实验室, 北京 100029, 中国.; 马耀明, 中国科学院青藏高原研究所, 北京 100030, 中国.; 高志球, 南京信息工程大学应用气象学院;;中国科学院大气物理研究所, ;;大气边界层物理和大气化学国家重点实验室, 南京;;, 江苏;;北京 210044;;100029, 中国.
Recommended Citation
GB/T 7714
赵兴炳,刘长炜,童兵,等. 青藏高原西部狮泉河陆面过程参数和土壤热属性参数研究[J],2021,40(4):711-723.
APA 赵兴炳.,刘长炜.,童兵.,李煜斌.,王琳琳.,...&高志球.(2021).青藏高原西部狮泉河陆面过程参数和土壤热属性参数研究.高原气象,40(4),711-723.
MLA 赵兴炳,et al."青藏高原西部狮泉河陆面过程参数和土壤热属性参数研究".高原气象 40.4(2021):711-723.
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