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基于CLUE-S模型的干旱区典型绿洲城市土地利用变化时空动态模拟研究以新疆奎屯河流域为例 期刊论文
发表期刊: 地理与地理信息科学. 出版年: 2018, 卷号: 34, 期号: 3, 页码: 61-67
Creator:  彭树宏;  钱静;  陈劲松;  陈曦;  马英莲
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arid area  land use/cover change(LUCC)  CLUE-S model  urban spatial expansion  
A spatial geostatistical analysis of impact of land use development on groundwater resources in the Sangong Oasis Region using remote sensing imagery and data 期刊论文
发表期刊: JOURNAL OF ARID LAND. 出版年: 2009, 卷号: 1, 期号: 1, 页码: 1-8
Creator:  Chen, Xi;  Yan, JinFeng;  Chen, Zhi;  Luo, GePing;  Song, Qing;  Xu, WenQiang
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spatial analysis  remote sensing  LUCC  groundwater  Sangong Oasis Region  
会议名称: International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology (ESIAT 2009). 会议地点: Wuhan, PEOPLES R CHINA. 会议日期: JUL 04-05, 2009
Creator:  Dou, Yan;  Chen, Xi
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LUCC  Spatial character  Hotan Oasis  RS  GIS  
近40年和田河流域土地利用动态变化及其生态环境效应 期刊论文
出版年: 2008, 卷号: 31, 期号: 3, 页码: 449-455
Creator:  窦燕;  陈曦;  包安明
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LUCC  the Hetian River Basin  LUCC  dynamic change  eco-environmental responses  
Temporal and spatial variability response of groundwater level to land use/land cover change in oases of and areas 期刊论文
发表期刊: CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN. 出版年: 2006, 卷号: 51, 页码: 51-59
Creator:  Yan Jinfeng;  Chen Xi;  Luo Geping;  Guo Quanjun
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LUCC  groundwater level  semivariogram  Kriging interpolation  the Sangong River Watershed  
Response of soil nutrients to different cropping systems in thebasis of and land 期刊论文
发表期刊: CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN. 出版年: 2006, 卷号: 51, 页码: 167-172
Creator:  Xu Wenqiang;  Luo Geping;  Chen Xi
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LUCC  Oasis  cropping systems  soil nutrients  management practice  crop rotation  
典型绿洲土地利用/土地覆被变化的可视化模拟初步分析 期刊论文
发表期刊: 干旱区地理. 出版年: 2005, 卷号: 28, 期号: 1, 页码: 45-51
Creator:  罗格平;  陈小钢;  王涛;  陈曦
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LUCC  GIS  oasis  land use/cover change  GIS  virtual reality  visualized simulation and analysis  
绿洲浅层地下水位与水质变化对人为驱动LUCC的响应--以三工河流域为例 期刊论文
发表期刊: 自然资源学报. 出版年: 2005, 卷号: 20, 期号: 2, 页码: 172-180
Creator:  闫金凤;  陈曦;  罗格平;  许文强
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groundwater table and quality  LUCC  Sangong River Watershed  oasis  
The response of temporal and spatial variability of groundwater level to LUCC on Oases in arid areas - A case study in the Sangong River Watershed in Xinjiang, China 会议论文
会议名称: 25th IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2005). 会议地点: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. 会议日期: JUL 25-29, 2005
Creator:  Yan, JF;  Chen, X;  Luo, GP;  Xiao, LX
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LUCC  groundwater level  semivariogram  Kriging interpolation  the Sangong River Watershed