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Woody plant encroachment in arid and mesic South African savanna-grasslands: same picture, different story? [学位论文]
Rhodes University, Faculty of Science, Botany(2018-01-01)
Skowno;  Andrew Luke
Využití obrazové spektroskopie pro monitoring zátěže vegetace polutanty obsaženými v půdním substrátu Sokolovské hnědouhelné pánve Application of imaging spectroscopy in monitoring of vegetation stress caused by soil pollutants in the Sokolov lignite basin [学位论文]
Mišurec;  Jan
Transformation through engagement: developing Grade 9 leadership opportunities through activity system using change laboratory intervention in a secondary school in Omusati region of Namibia [学位论文]
Rhodes University, Faculty of Education, Education(2018-01-01)
Vaino;  Loide Mwasheka
The tropopause region thermal structure and tropical cyclones [学位论文]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(2018-01-01)
Gilford;  Daniel Michael
The Influence of Land Use on Sediment Quality in the Mill Creek Watershed [学位论文]
Youngstown State University / OhioLINK(2018-01-01)
Ampomah;  Shadrack;  AMPOMAH
The Impact of Training on Implementation of Formative Assessments in High School Core Area Classrooms [学位论文]
Ashland University / OhioLINK(2018-01-01)
Smithberger;  Mark E
The Empowerment of a Forgotten Population [学位论文]
The George Washington University(2018-01-01)
Eldridge;  Zulema
Responses of biodiversity and ecosystem functions to land use disturbances and restoration in boreal stream ecosystems [学位论文]
Oulun yliopisto(2018-01-01)
Turunen;  J. (Jarno)
Regulatory Features of the 5' Untranslated Leader Region of aroL in Escherichia coli K12 and the sRNA, ryhB, in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 [学位论文]
Miami University / OhioLINK(2018-01-01)
Devine;  Racheal A
Regional-Scale Food Security Governance in Inuit Settlement Areas: Opportunities and Challenges in Northern Canada [学位论文]
Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa(2018-01-01)
Girard;  Nicholas

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